LidoPro Patch®

When pain strikes and you’re in need of immediate relief, your treatment should utilize the best technologies available to perform at the highest level. This is how LidoPro Patch® can help.

What Lidopro Patch™ Treats

Strongest Pain Relief Patch

Each LidoPro Patch® contains fast-acting anti-inflammatory (NSAID), analgesic, and anesthetic components to block pain. The potent formulation within each LidoPro patch® is delivered through patented transdermal systems, ensuring the patient's pain is treated locally and at the deepest level. LidoPro Patch® is the strongest topical pain relief therapy of its kind. Never before have transdermal pain treatments been so safe and convenient to use!

Highest Quality Standards

LidoPro Patch® is engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards in FDA-approved facilities. All materials are meticulously sourced to ensure top quality and compliance. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about LidoPro Patch® and experience the difference for yourself.