Strongest Ingredient Concentration

LidoPro Patch® is the premier anti-inflammatory pain relief option for the active patient. With the highest concentration of active pharmaceutical ingredients and skin conditioners, LidoPro Patch® is the most effective medicated patch treatment available. Using leading-edge Hydrogel distributive technology, the robust formulation is highly stable and delivered consistently over the recommended timespan for application. While other pain patch formulations tend to focus exclusively on minor aches and pains, LidoPro Patch® was developed to target more persistent pain and inflammation—for up to 12 hours as directed.

Powerful Transdermal Relief

LidoPro Patch® was formulated to release the most powerful transdermal pain relief and anti-inflammation properties available in a non-narcotic (non-opiate) patch. Containing Methyl Salicylate, Menthol, and Lidocaine (NSAID, Analgesic, and Anesthetic respectively), LidoPro Patch® addresses the need to focus on both pain and inflammation by combining all three relief categories. Micro-emulsifiers were added to allow deeper and more rapid absorption into the muscles, joints, tendons, and nerves, enabling the active ingredients to optimize performance over the course of treatment.

Secure Fit for Long-Lasting Relief

LidoPro Patch® contains an optional outer adhesive layer for added security. This external adhesive is recommended for use primarily on the lower back, movement areas (knees, elbows, shoulders) and for longer-duration treatments. Should the patient prefer not to use this extra protective adhesive layer, it is easy to remove and safe to discard. The medicated patch by itself will remain securely affixed to regions of pain for several hours uninterrupted.

Superior Patient Experience & Outcomes

Consistent with the LidoPro® brand, this innovative patch affords the greatest patient experience and outcomes. Never before has a pain relief patch been so simple to use, so comfortable to wear and so effective in relieving both pain and inflammation. LidoPro Patch® is the safe alternative to productivity-declining opiate pain relief therapies, allowing patients to return to their daily routines faster and at a far lower spend - most importantly, without risking addiction.