When pain strikes and you’re in need of immediate relief, your treatment should utilize the best technologies available to perform at the highest level. This is how LidoPro® can help.

What LidoPro® Treats

Effective Pain Relief

Physicians trust LidoPro® for effective pain relief.  LidoPro® Ointment features anesthetic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory agents to help block pain.  A hands-free applicator delivers these ingredients directly to the troubled area – ensuring localized treatment at the deepest level.  Never before has a pain relief ointment this effective been so safe and easy to use!

Highest Quality Standards

LidoPro® Ointment is engineered to the highest quality standards.  LidoPro® is manufactured in a fully licensed, FDA compliant facility and each tube is stored in a temperature controlled warehouse.  All ingredients are carefully sourced to ensure quality and compliance.  Ask your doctor about LidoPro® Ointment and experience the real difference for yourself!