What kind of pain does LidoPro® help relieve?

LidoPro® is helpful in relieving most symptoms of pain, including (but not limited to) neck pain, back pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, joint pain, ligament pain, spinal pain, and headaches (if used carefully). Additionally, LidoPro® can be used to relieve pain associated with common conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, sciatica, complex regional pain syndrome, and bursitis. See what LidoPro® Treats.

Are there any precautions I should know about prior to using LidoPro®?

Yes, please refer to Important Safety Information.

Does LidoPro® have any harmful side effects?

No, but it in rare cases or if over-used LidoPro® may cause skin irritation or rash. It is a good idea to test a tiny portion on your arm for sensitivity prior to use.

Do I need a prescription to use LidoPro®?

Not necessarily if supplied under the supervision of a doctor, however obtaining a prescription is highly recommended and might be necessary if you're obtaining LidoPro® through a third-party pharmacy.

Although LidoPro® is an OTC medication, it is the strongest of its kind. Accordingly to ensure safety and appropriateness of treatment, LidoPro® is made available exclusively through select physician's offices and pharmacies. If you are interested in obtaining LidoPro® through your physician, print the info flyer from the Ask Your Provider section and present it to your doctor.

If your doctor does not stock LidoPro®, he or she may write you a prescription that you can provide to a mail-order pharmacy. Inquire about available mail-order pharmacies by sending an email to info@terrainrx.com. If your physician dispenses medication from his or her medical practice but does not stock LidoPro®, it is available by special request if you specify LidoPro® as your preferred method for topical pain treatment.

Should I stop using other medications when using LidoPro®?

Any oral medication prescribed by a physician should not be discontinued. Do not use if you are taking anticoagulant medications such as Warfarin or Coumadin. See Important Safety Information. Always follow dosing instructions provided by your physician and use with other medicines only according to physician instruction.

Can LidoPro® be used on children?

Yes, LidoPro® can be used on children age 8 and older under the supervision of a licensed physician. Test a small area for sensitivity before applying full quantity. Younger children have skin that is significantly more sensitive than adults, so LidoPro® should not be used on children under the age of 8. Keep LidoPro® away from small children and infants.

If my pain persists or worsens, what should I do?

Discontinue LidoPro® until you're able to discuss with your physician the appropriate means to continue treatment.

Where can I obtain LidoPro®?

LidoPro® is available exclusively through participating physicians and pharmacies.

Many orthopedic or pain management doctors will typically purchase LidoPro® through a licensed wholesale distributor and dispense the medication from their office. This ensures the appropriateness of utilizing LidoPro® for your pain treatment. Injured industrial patients can usually receive LidoPro® with no out-of-pocket expense through their Workers Compensation carrier, given a documented physician appointment with appropriate diagnosis and treatment modality. Physicians will typically need to dictate in their medical notes the necessity of treatment with LidoPro®.

Not all private health insurance carriers cover LidoPro® or other OTC medications, so be sure to check coverage options with your carrier. Under this circumstance cash payment to the physician office or a mail-order pharmacy is usually the best option, although pricing is discretionary.

You may inquire about mail-order pharmacies who stock LidoPro® by sending an email to info@terrainrx.com. Note: Mail-order pharmacies will require a written prescription (and perhaps other requirements) prior to shipping LidoPro®.