Use LidoPro® only as directed by a healthcare professional.

Shake well before each use. Before first use, unscrew the Applicator unit and remove the safety seal from the bottom of the tube. Replace Applicator unit so it is secure. Pull off Applicator cap. With Applicator facing upward, gently squeeze tube until approximately a dime-sized quantity of ointment emerges on Applicator surface.

Use tube and Applicator to delicately rub ointment into affected area. Do not rub vigorously or use Applicator to massage ointment into skin. Use as needed for effective relief, but no more than four applications per day.

LidoPro® can still be applied by hand. Simply unscrew the Applicator unit and administer by hand. Make sure to wash hands with soap and water after using them to apply ointment. Washing hands after every use — including use of Applicator — is recommended. When using this product, avoid contact with eyes, genitals, and other mucous membranes. If eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with cold water and call a doctor.