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Stronger, More Effective & Soothing Pain Relief

FDA-Registered LidoPro™ delivers more active ingredients faster.  Containing significantly more of the anesthetic ingredient Lidocaine, LidoPro™ sooths without excessive burning or cooling sensations. The numbing effect of Lidocaine, along with high concentrations of the other active analgesic ingredients immediately neutralizes discomfort at the source.


No Skin Irritation

LidoPro™ is has been clinically tested on 50 diverse patients, demonstrating zero cases of skin irritation or allergy.  The formula contains several skin conditioners including Chamomile, Aloe Vera, and Allantoin, providing moisture and added comfort.


Clinical Study 

Intelligent Design For A Superior Experience

LidoPro™ was designed to provide a superior experience for the pain sufferer.  Everything (from the highly concentrated and ultra-effective formulation, to the design, texture and feel of the tube) has been carefully researched and tested for optimal effectiveness and ease of use.


Delivery of the stable, safe and highly effective pain relief medicine has never been more convenient and fast-acting for the patient.  The high-density squeeze tube easily flips open with one hand and contains a matte, non-slip texture for optimal grip.  High-density, non-slip tubes provide superior portion control and do not work against gravity, enhancing the overall experience.

Ask Your Care Provider About LidoPro™

LidoPro™ is trusted by thousands of care providers across the United States. Share the information below with your provider to see if LidoPro™ is right for you!


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