LidoPro Logo Pain Relief
LidoPro Product Pain Relief
  • Strongest Pain Relief plus Anti-Inflammatory
  • Hands-Free - No Mess!
  • Reduced Scent
  • Multiple Skin Conditioners: Non-Irritating & Non-Allergenic

The most effective topical analgesic pain relief ointment available. Orthopedic and pain-management physicians trust LidoPro® over other prescription and OTC drugs to provide their patients with the safest and most effective local pain relief.

LidoPro Logo Pain Relief
LidoPro Product Pain Relief
  • Strongest, Most Concentrated Pain Patch
  • The Only Pain Relief plus NSAID Patch!
  • More Convenient - Optional External Adhesive
  • Longer Lasting Relief - Up to 12 Hours!

Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, LidoPro Patch® is the premium choice for physicians and patients. Compared with other prescription and OTC Lidocaine patches, LidoPro Patch® provides a patient experience that is unparalleled.